I have been here for many years.

Peek-a-boo, I can see you!


Don't let him have a rest.

I wish you peace and happiness.

I bumped into her.

I hereby pronounce that the two of you are mutual spouses.

Erwin was horrible to me in high school.


He accidentally shot him in the foot.

I need to repay her.

I will shoot anyone who doubts my mercy.

I'm unfamiliar with that word.

I'm surprised they let Juliane in here.

Please adjust the television picture.

Can you reach high C?


He is giving me a hard time.

Would you mind putting these back where you got them?

Either of the two has to leave.

You have much to learn.

One of Neptune's moons, Triton, orbits the planet in a direction opposite to Neptune's other moons.

Who was this poem written by?

Come swing with me.

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Running is good for the health.


Bring me my cane.

Wilmer's hands were cold.

I say both as they are different genres of music.

It was magical.

Can I use a credit card?

He was very old and ill.

The old selection process for judges was very unfair.

You shouldn't let me get away with murder.

Please keep quiet.

You looked terrible the other day.

He grabbed her arm.


Where can I meet you?


"Can't you give this little maiden something which will make her as strong as twelve men, to overcome the Snow Queen?" "The Power of twelve men!" said the Finnish woman; "that would be of very little use."


I'll ask for directions.

I am against the anti-free-speech tendencies of some advocates of political correctness.

We have so much left to do.

Watching TV is fun.

I want to go back.

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The love Revised wanted was something Butler could never give him.

We'll let it go for the present.

I love you, Laurie.


I know how important he is to you.

Monty was hurt.

What are you drinking?


I really have nothing else to say.

Owen knew that he wouldn't be able to dance well enough to impress Raj.

We were just about to call the police.

How did you learn about that news?

We had better start before it begins to rain.

You ask me to do the impossible.

I need to get up early tomorrow.


Caroline eventually became an instructor.

He was conscious of his mistake.

Who're you talking to, fool?

I agree with his opinion.

I was just about to get started any-how.

We came in sight of the hill.

I don't have time to sleep.

Don't let them do this.

How long did you sleep last night?

Don't get so irritated. Rushing things will cost you more time in the end.

The police are investigating the accident.

The mother kissed her baby on the lips.

Your face is dirty.


I asked Scot what happened, but he wouldn't tell me.

I love Android phones.

There're no lights.

I prefer apples to oranges.

She was expelled from the school.

Nobody had Internet in my country.

The leveret runs in the steppe.

Compared to yesterday, the weather is better today.

If you just crouch a little, the signal flag can just be seen flicking in and out of sight.


Stan is just an ordinary person.

The witness perjured herself on the stand.

What toy is big?

What does a Sovietologist study?

Would you like to go play with Emmett?


I want to ask you one simple question.


Earning a post-secondary degree or credential is a prerequisite for 21st century jobs, and one that everyone should be able to afford.

I'm not sure when he'll turn up.

You love to climb mountains, don't you?


It is desirable that nobody should be hurt.

Anatoly told me you were the one to talk to.

Rolf said he'd be there tomorrow.


I need to be left alone.

They don't create any problem because they are in five floors up.

Don't ask me why but, he ran away when he saw me.

How old was he?

I have no time to deal with you.

There is no way to confirm that he is alive.

Boston is overrated.


We've still got a ways to go.

Duncan's oldest daughter isn't married.

He was very kind to me at the party.

I was wrong; forget what I told you.

Francis was a bit woozy.

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We used a barrel for a makeshift table.


I just wish I knew what it was.

I've tried everything I know to cheer him up.

I daydream about it.


There's mold on the bread. This means that we can't eat it anymore.

Actually, I was going to suggest something else.

Avery asked Carsten to take John to the airport.

Elias's shoes are dirty.

He has a great admiration for actor Olivier.

He did an amount of work.

It's the trend that counts.


Why don't you believe us?

How much experience do you have?

We were arguing on different planes to the last.

What are we going to do?

Ernest heard something and turned around to see what it was.


Ram doesn't want anything to drink.

Give me a hand here, will you?

I really love Japanese.

The boy set a bird free.

His failure has nothing to do with me.

Rodney is Loyd's boyfriend's father's cousin.

I don't live in Turin.

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I've already had dinner.

We'll make a good team.

Linda decided to help out.


Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India.

I'm not making it up.

"Dachshund sausage" was a good name for the frankfurter.

So, what do we do in the meantime?

I don't think Jisheng killed anybody.

The flower is yellow.

We're playing cards.

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Matthias was at my office today.

Pasta is called pasta because it's the Italian word for "dough" from which it is made.

You two were good together.


Only when it comes to the tenses and the phrasal verbs English grammar is more difficult than German.


You don't fool me, you know.

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She warned me to stay away from him.


What's going to happen to me?

He was a true dinosaur!

Don't let anyone turn off the light.


All in all, we had a good time at the party.

She bought him a dog. However, he was allergic to dogs, so they had to give it away.

We'll go shopping.

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The Arctic is the area round the North Pole.


Paste these labels on the jars.


Let us know by next Monday.

I warned you to leave Loren alone.

I don't play golf.

Alex is genderqueer.

She asked me whether she could use the telephone.

Let's hear your plan.

You've got one minute left.

She can't stop her.

Thanks for making it happen.

For them who are used to live in hell, it is unbearable in paradise. For this reason, the Russian diaspora in the United States have voted for Donald Trump.

They have to clean the room.

How will you travel to Osaka?

I could hear them laugh in the background.

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These garments are made of 100 percent wool.


I'm visiting my grandmother in the hospital.

I substitute honey for jam.

Stuart was hard to convince.